GanttPRO Review – The Good and Bad for 2023

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Various project portfolio management tools are available in the market today. Among the many options, GanttPRO has become a top management tool for small teams because it’s easy to use and has several unique features. It is also an ideal project management tool for complex projects with multiple deliverables. 

A unique feature of GanttPRO is the Gantt Chart which illustrates the dependent relationship between activities and tasks as they relate to the final project outcome. It also allows several integrations with Slack, Jira Cloud, and Google Drive.

  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free version: No
  • Pricing starting from: $7.99
  • Pricing Model: Per User
  • - "I really like the software, I like how it looks, how easy it is to use it, how easy it is to share it and involve other users and how it simplifies the tasks of project management."
  • - "The option to share it publicly and to export the data is extremely useful. I am really delighted to use this product."
  • - "Being a designer I like the fact that the resulting gantt chart can be a beautiful document. More customizable features would be great to that effect."
  • - "I believe there is even a way to link people to a read-only view of your project. The Gantt charts look great, which I think is important, because it helps people understand the information."
  • - "Kanban view has limited column options. It needs to be customizable."
  • - "But this could have been due to our lack of experience with the software."
  • - "Another would move together. So when you accidentally move something, you don't really know how it looks before and this would easily mess the entire timeline."
  • - "We do not manage our projects outside the office. However, the lack of mobile apps surprised me."

GanttPRO: The Good And The Bad

Project portfolio management tools have a wide array of features, and GanttPRO is no exception. Let’s dive into all the strengths and weaknesses of the platform.

What GanttPRO Is Good At

GanttPRO offers various unique and valuable features. The responsive Gantt charts are a one-of-a-kind feature and ensure better resource management. Moreover, it provides many collaborative tools that encourage teamwork.

Responsive Gantt charts: Gantt charts are an excellent tool for project planning, scheduling, progress tracking, and task management. These charts show assignments and deadlines along a timeline, making it easier for users to stay on top of their work.

Another benefit of Gantt charts is that they promote critical thinking, a necessary part of project management. They further simplify complex projects and empower team members to stay up-to-date about all the deliverables in a project.

Solid resource management: GanttPRO helps assess your capacity and ensures that you don’t take on more projects than you can handle. It provides detailed data-driven reports about resource allocation to help you understand where your resources are being used.

Its task management features connect specific tasks on a timeline, like auto-scheduling, task hierarchy, and more. It also groups similar tasks together to help you save time, resources, and money. Users who want information about the total project costs can calculate costs per hour and use that to finance the overall project better.

Helpful range of collaborative tools: The collaborative tools offered by GanttPRO make it stand out among its competitors. It sends notifications or personal reminders to help users track progress and finish tasks on time. The real-time data synchronization feature enables users to work with updated project information and track any changes in real-time without losing previous data. All parties working on the project can see progress, modify the information as needed and share information while keeping data streamlined.

You can add files to tasks for better workflow, and the comment feature allows you to send and receive instant updates or feedback on tasks from team members.

What GanttPRO Is Lacking

Like any other software or tool, GanttPRO has its limitations and areas where it can improve. While it is a great tool overall, it can be complex for beginners and offers limited integrations. Moreover, it doesn’t offer a free plan and lacks efficient communication and reporting processes.

No free plan: Unlike many project portfolio management software, GanttPRO doesn’t offer its users a free plan. Even though the paid plans of GanttPRO are quite affordable, ranging from $7.99 to $19.99 a month, many individuals and small businesses want to fully explore tools and software before investing in a long-term paid plan. So, the lack of a free plan makes it a less popular choice than its counterparts.

Complex user interface: The user interface of GanttPRO is slightly complicated and can be difficult for users new to project management. The complex interface can be a hassle and render the employee onboarding process less efficient, as new team members are likely to take more time to familiarize themselves with the software.

However, online resources and some assistance can help employees quickly get up to speed.

Limited integrations: GanttPRO doesn’t offer many useful integrations. Therefore, larger businesses may find it limiting. It only allows Slack, Jira, Google Drive, and Zapier integrations. Since Zapier is a service that helps create integrations between apps where they don’t already exist, if there’s an integration that GanttPro doesn’t offer natively, you may be able to set it up through Zapier.

One very useful integration that GanttPRO lacks is billing and invoicing. Therefore,  many businesses that rely on accounting software find GanttPRO to be limiting and choose to invest in other options.

Inefficient reporting and communication: Another area that GanttPRO needs to improve is its reporting system. It enables users to generate a list of tasks and filter them using different criteria, but that’s not the same as getting a detailed data-driven report about the state of current work, overdue work, slipped deadlines, etc. It doesn’t allow users to customize reports or dashboards, so users have no other option but to use the automated reports.

Additionally, it only allows you to comment on tasks and mention other colleagues, but it doesn’t have a centralized system for top-level announcements.

GanttPRO Options and Pricing

The primary offering of GanttPRO is its Gantt charts, a project portfolio management service that gives team leads a clear view of ongoing projects, deadlines, progress, and milestones. It offers a variety of efficient project management features. Some of them include the following:

GanttPRO Plan Views


The Plan Views feature of GanttPRO enables users to utilize different types of views like grid view, Gantt chart, board view, and portfolio view. Each type of view provides further features like:

  • Board view helps organize all the work on cards that can be hidden from view and allow a more obscure way to manage projects.
  • The portfolio view provides real-time control of all projects with all their details.
  • Gantt chart provides overall details like tasks, assignees, and a bird’s eye view of the whole project.
  • The grid chart provides a detailed summary of each task’s cost, duration, and progress.

GanttPRO Budget Tracking

GanttPRO project budget landing page with description, CTA to try for free, and view of task interface that shows time duration and cost

For budget tracking, three types of resources are available to add costs for labor and material resources.

Users can learn the estimated and the actual cost for the entire project and calculate the difference between the two for a better understanding. The budget tracking service breaks down and provides a detailed analysis of the various crucial price points in the project.

GanttPRO Time Management

GantPRO task time tracker landing page with description, features, and view of interface

The time management features of GanttPRO include a task time tracker that tracks how much time each member spends on a task. It can also track deadlines and send reminder emails or notifications. Users can also define the approximate duration of tasks and set estimated delivery days or hours to get precise control over milestones and timelines without affecting the progress.

GanttPRO Import and Export

GanttPRO Import webpage with description, list of features, and view of import interface

Users can transfer and shift projects to and from other software and databases through the import and export feature.

Excel, Jira Cloud, and MS projects are the most popular choices for importing and exporting files, making it easier to streamline project data spread across various platforms. The software also allows advanced export of charts to XML, PDF, and PNG formats, while users can create static and dynamic charts and share them with clients, stakeholders, and collaborators.

GanttPRO Templates

GanttPRO landing page for pre-configured templates with description, list of features, and an example of a template

GanttPRO offers a variety of templates. You can create a specific template once and save it to reuse it later in the future. It also offers pre-configured professional templates for the diverse needs of different industries. The best feature is its reusable blocks of tasks already present or created for another project. Users can easily utilize them again for future projects to save time on planning without any hassle.

GanttPRO Security

GanttPRO security landing page with a view of security settings that include single sign-on and two-factor authentication

GanttPRO implements various security measures to protect users’ personal and business information. It allows OneLogin, Azure AD, Okta, and other SAML providers to manage your projects with your team using one set of login credentials. The two-factor authentication provides an added layer of security to your account. 2FA has proven to be the best precaution against cyber attacks, giving the software an edge against its competitors.

GanttPRO Support

GanttPRO support features, including learning center, live chat, personal account manager, and tutorials

GanttPRO provides plenty of learning resources to its users. Every feature offered is covered in detail in its learning center. You can also use its live chat to ask questions 5-days a week within business hours. Once users subscribe, they get access to a personal account manager 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Additionally, it offers tutorials that provide a visual tour of all the features offered by GanttPRO.

GanttPRO Task Management

GanttPRO task management features, including bulk change, custom columns, custom colors, and filter

The various task management features offered by GanttPRO include custom columns that enable you to track and measure crucial aspects of your plan. The tool also allows bulk changes at once to save time. Additionally, custom columns, colors, and filter options give more authority to users. Users can assign status to each task in terms of priority and progress.

GanttPRO Collaboration

GanttPRO collaboration landing page with description, list of features, and view of task interface

The collaboration tools offered by GanttPRO are handy. Real-time data synchronization keeps the project information updated and keeps every member up-to-date about the project’s progress. Necessary task file attachments fully cover the workflow and can be uploaded from your desktop or Google Drive. Comments empower users to share information and data with teammates. The notifications provide crucial personal reminders to help you remember everything important that you may schedule.

GanttPRO Project Management

GanttPRO webpage that shows five steps to work with a baseline

The efficient project management tools of GanttPRO provide a baseline of how your project will proceed. It offers a critical analysis to help you figure out the crucial parts of a project. Moreover, the project history is saved in chronological order, so users can go back and make changes whenever required.

Finally, one tool helps you assess the health of your project by comparing its success rate to tasks in previous projects.

GanttPRO offers several paid plans and no free plan. However, you can try each plan for free for a limited time to check out the various features. Its four pricing plans include:

  • Basic Plan: $7 per user per month, billed annually
  • Pro Plan: $12.99 per user per month, billed annually
  • Business Plan: $19.99 per user per month, billed annually
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing based on the needs of the client

GanttPRO in Summary

GanttPRO is a recognized brand among the various project portfolio management tools available in the market. It offers all the essential features you’d expect and a few that others don’t provide. Gantt charts are a unique feature crucial in agile projects, making GanttPRO a great option for projects and companies that rely on them.

It’s not the only effective project portfolio management tool, though. Based on our review, is one of the best options for most users. Hive is a more suitable option for users working in a cloud-based environment. Large enterprises should consider Oracle Primavera P6 because of its large-scale solutions for project execution with graphical workflows.

Want to dive deeper into how GanttPRO stacks up against other platforms on the market today? Head to our article, where we break down the best project portfolio management tools with detailed reviews for over seven brands.